Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sierra Custom Signs Getting Ready For Spring

Spring is a time of the year to think about refreshing your business environment. The pre-spring season is a perfect time to survey your business, your signs, your fixtures, window lettering, and other business assets and determine what needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. Then, based on your survey, you can develop a plan to restore your business environment and put your plan into action. If you start now, before the Spring season, you will be ready to engage with your customers' renewed energy, and you will be ready to capture both new and repeat sales opportunities.

If you check your overall business environment—your signs, vehicle wraps, window signs, banners and posters now, you will have ample time to clean, restore, and replace these important business assets. When the season turns, and your customers are ready to renew and refresh their homes and businesses, you will be ready to attract their business and enjoy success with your end-of-Winter or start-of-Spring sales promotions.

The monument sign shown here has some fading and staining of the painted surfaces due to normal exposure to sun and weather. The underlying structure remains sound, and restoration involves simply cleaning and painting. Cleaning, repair, or replacement of your signs, vehicle wraps, window signs, lettering, posters, and banners are all opportunities for sprucing up your business. A good place to start is with cleaning, and often, cleaning is all you need to restore a sign, a display, or graphic. When cleaning, remember that different signs and displays require different cleaning solutions. Always try to use the cleaning agent that is recommended. If you don't have the recommended cleaning solution, or you are not sure, follow that sage advice and test the solution on a small area first to check whether the cleaning solution changes the color or finish of what you are cleaning.

This monument sign has sustained major damage over a period of time. Portions of the sign surface are deteriorated, which has exposed the underlying structure. The sign structure is now unprotected from the elements including an unpainted wooden frame. If caught sooner, damage might have been much less extensive. Repair of this sign is not simple and could involve replacement of major structural components.

If your business vehicles are wrapped or have decals, these also should be carefully checked for raised edges or bubbles under the vinyl. Air or moisture can become trapped between the vinyl and the application surface causing the vinyl to bubble up. If the bubble is near a vinyl edge, it can cause the edge to raise up, which can lead to further breakdown of the vinyl adhesive backing. Sometimes these failures can be repaired, but if the damage or wear is extensive, or allowed to further deteriorate, the only recourse may be replacement.

Sierra Custom Signs can assist you in restoring your signs, vehicle wraps, window signs, lettering, posters, and banners for the coming Spring season. Call us at 775 823-9699 if you have a question or want additional information, or send e-mail to describe your project and request assistance.