Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sierra Custom Signs Supplies Stickers And Decals

Service Stickers and Decals Build Repeat Business

An important part of a successful business is repeat customers. Your repeat customers are important to your success because you usually spend less time closing the sale with them; you often simply need to take the order and deliver the same service level and product quality that you delivered previously. The time saved making quick sales to repeat customers can then be devoted to winning sales with new customers.

One simple and economic way of ensuring repeat business is to use stickers or decals to provide your contact information for service and emergency repairs. Plumbing contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors, alarm companies, and a myriad of other businesses use stickers and decals to remind their customers who to call for service and emergency repairs. Even auto service companies use stickers or decals to great advantage by reminding owners when service is due.

In addition, service stickers and decals often generate new business. For example, if a home is sold, and the new owner needs service or repair of a heating system or water heater, they are likely to first call the company that is identified on a sticker attached to the unit. So in addition to ensuring repeat business from existing customers, service stickers also can generate a good amount of new business.

Stickers and decals are highly effective for retaining existing customers and for attracting new customers. Service stickers and decals are one of the lowest cost means of keeping your customers coming back and advertising your products and services. Sierra Custom Signs offers custom design and printing of service stickers and decals, and a range of materials are available including static cling, vinyl, and writable surfaces. Call 775 823-9699 for more information about service stickers and decals for your business.