Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sierra Custom Signs Vehicle Wrap Options

Sierra Custom Signs Vehicle Wrap Options

You have many options for promoting your business with vehicle wraps, and there are sound reasons for using vehicle wraps and decals to advertise your products and services. More than most other forms of promotion and advertising, vehicle wraps get noticed, are highly effective, and expose your business in the communities where you do business. A wrap on your business vehicle can also lend a degree of credibility to your business by conveying that you are established and you have the necessary business assets to back up your products and services.


Your options for adding graphics to your business vehicle are limited only by your imagination and the creativity of the vehicle-graphic designer. For the sake of simplicity, this topic looks at three major categories: full wrap, partial wrap, and decals. The image on the right is an example of a full vehicle wrap. Believe it or not, the color beneath the vinyl is a factory silver-green. The entire vehicle is wrapped including the rear windows. A full wrap totally alters the appearance of a vehicle and can turn it into a 360-degree rolling advertisement or billboard.


Partial wraps can also be effective. You do not need to wrap every inch of a vehicle in order to produce stunning results. Consider this example of a casino shuttle bus. From the rear, it looks like a full wrap, but side or front views reveal a simpler approach that is cost effective, and yet still grabs the viewer's eye.


Sometimes, an even simpler approach is the right solution. Decals are often sufficient and may be the right choice when a more understated message or identity is preferred. Decals are also used for DOT and vehicle inventory identification.

Each style or category of vehicle wrap has its place. Whether a full or partial wrap, or decals, vehicle graphics are attention getting and generate business for your products and services. Sierra Custom Signs offers expert design and installation of vehicle wraps, and we are available to assist you in choosing the solution that best fits your needs.