Friday, January 14, 2011

Sierra Custom Signs Vehicle Wraps Rank High For Promoting Business

What are the best mediums for promoting and advertising your business? Which produce the best results for the lowest cost—Internet, newspaper, TV? Traditional newspaper, postal, and radio/TV advertising have been displaced to a large extent by Internet and email advertising. While the Internet is effective, there are other, highly effective media for advertising that are often overlooked and undervalued. The signs, displays, and graphics that mark and identify your business are critically important for branding your business, promoting your products and services, and communicating your message. There are many kinds of signs and displays that you can consider, and the latest in digital and electronic technologies offer attention getting, low cost solutions. Digital printing has literally transformed the printing and sign making industries by significantly improving quality while simultaneously reducing production costs.

It wasn't too long ago when adding graphics or branding to your business vehicle meant sending it off to the paint shop for a week or more. Today vehicle graphics are digitally printed on durable and flexible films that easily form to every curve on your vehicle, and installation is typically one day or less. The imaging that's possible on wide-format digtial printers is simply stunning with output ranging from high resolution photographic quality to full-color graphics.


What can be digitally printed and applied to a vehicle today is just about anything that can be graphically designed or photographed. The important question is what is the real value of vehicle wraps for promoting and advertising your business? Some interesting statistics were presented at a recent International Sign Association (ISA) conference. One statistic is that most adults drive between 100 to 300 miles per day, and another shows that, on average, we drive past the same streets, businesses, and signs about 50 times per month.

Another statistic shows that 80% of a consumers' discretionary spending occurs within five miles of their home. This is really important for retail business owners to know. Taken together with the other statistics, it is pretty clear that many forms of traditional advertising reach far beyond the customers who are likely to purchase products and services from local retail businesses. You could be paying for advertising coverage that reaches consumers who will never step foot onto your premises to purchase your product or service!

A study of different advertising media indicates that 92% of all outdoor media such as billboards, banners, and car graphics reach the intended audience, and another study shows that vehicle wraps deliver more impressions per dollar than any other form of outdoor advertising. A vehicle wrap is like having a "travelling billboard." However, advertising on your company car or fleet does not require permits, and the costs are only a fraction of what it costs to advertise on a billboard, which is typically $2000 to $10,000 PER MONTH.

By adding graphics and advertising on your company vehicle, your travelling billboard is always working whether parked or on the highway. One more benefit to consider is that when you purchase a full or partial car wrap for your company vehicle, it is a "pay once then benefit for years to come" proposition. This is very different from the other traditional forms of advertising, including Internet and email, where you pay for every exposure whether it's an ad in the newspaper, a radio/TV spot, or a click-through on the Internet. Compared to other forms of promoting and advertising your business, car graphics are very low cost and highly effective for reaching your real customers and producing sales. Businesses often report getting sales from their vehicle wrap within the same day that the newly wrapped vehicle hits the streets.

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