Friday, May 15, 2015

Updating Your Warehouse for Safe, Efficient Operation

Many types of signs are common in today's modern warehouse. There are the traditional signs for marking different floor storage areas and for identifying stock, and there are numerous others for promoting safety and creating an efficient operation.

Dock and Loading Door Signs

Dock signs of the right size, and that use the right materials, help ensure fast, efficient navigation into loading docks. These signs are usually constructed using a flat substrate that can be attached above or to the side of the loading door. A variety of sizes and materials are available including reflective fields and lettering to improve visibility in low-light conditions. When combined with directional surface lettering and surface striping, freight deliveries and handling improve dramatically. Well designed and highly visible dock signs promote easy, safe navigation in and around the warehouse or distribution center.

Custom Safety Signs

Safety signage helps to promote an accident-free, safe work environment. Both standard and custom safety signs can be supplied, and custom or standard signage can be designed or selected to maximize visibility and to clearly state warnings, dangers, and advisories. Safety signs can be bilingual with both English and second-language advisories on the same sign, or you can create separate signage for each language. In addition, images can be combined with text to improve recognition and interpretation of important safety messages. While indoor and outdoor safety signs may have the same message, materials selection and manufacturing processes for outdoor signage are chosen to minimize deteriorating effects of temperature, humidity, and UV exposure.

Rack Load Signs

Rack load signs and labels are important for communicating rack load limits and for promoting safety. These signs provide warnings, notices, and guidance exactly where needed. The signs and labels are produced in a variety of materials for interior or exterior use. Rack load signs are standard in all modern warehouse systems

Aisle Marker Signs

Aisle marker signs have traditionally been attached to rack ends. However, different custom configurations are available to improve the use of warehouse space while simultaneously maintaining good visibility and identification. Surface signs are common, but projecting aisle markers can be designed for mounting at higher elevations to reduce obstruction and minimize damage from forklifts or other equipment. A variety of colors and shapes are available for aisle marker signage, and different substrate materials can be used for  interior or exterior applications. Aisle marker designs can also be coordinated with directional and safety signs to improve messaging

Bar Code and Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are often used to prevent possible damage from forklifts and other warehouse equipment. Barcode signs are commonly designed for hanging and are also designed at the right size with contrasting materials to improve easy location and scanning by readers. Hanging signs can be single-sided, two-sided, or multi-sided where needed. Color coding can be employed as well as imaging to assist in quick identification of storage areas. Bar codes can be generated based on various coding standards, and these can be reproduced at any size required using environment-appropriate materials and manufacturing processes. Holes can be pre-drilled and hardware provided dependent on requirements.

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